#HumansOfImpactHub: Think.Eat.Drink
5 October 2013 - Ellen Rickford

Jamie Grainger-Smith is the founder and CEO of Think.Eat.Drink. A food and drink business with a focus on environmental sustainability and ethical business practice. The company started out in catering, events and consultancy, has since developed a membership scheme, gathering together a network of of the industries most ethical suppliers, and will soon be opening their first restaurant, at a prime spot just minutes from London’s recently renovated King’s Cross Station. We recently interviewed Jamie to capture some of his story.

1) What is your job/ business in 1 line?  Consultant to, and entrepreneur in, the sustainable food and drink industry.

2) What does impact mean to you?  It means triggering a change within the food and drink industry, and influencing the ideas, and priorities of the growing community of people working in it.

Jamie Grainger Smith3) Why do you do what you do?  Everyday is different. I find my self in the best places, and with the most interesting people. Eg yesterday was amazing from me: starting the day at Spitalfields looking at coffee and furniture, and ending up in the Landmark hotel.

4) What are you passionate about?  I’m passionate about the environment, food and drink, commmunity, education, training and legacy. Trying to make a change for good.

5) Why did you join the Hub?  I joined as part of the founding team, and set up the cafe many years ago now, but it’s still going strong! I loved it so much I stuck around to run their ethical events programmes. It’s been great to be in King’s Cross, I love the area and have been here for almost 9 years. The energy of King’s Cross is intoxicating, and I feel very fortunate to be here and be part of the local community. I’ve had some great messages from locals about our new resturant that we’ll be opening here. It will be really exciting to bring some responsible food and drink back to the area.

6) What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?  Be true to yourself, and you can do it if you really want to

7) How do you keep yourself motivated?  There’s always something new to learn. Not just from and about King’s Cross but from and about London. Its such an amazing city. There is so much excitement in the city and its always re-inventing itself and it ends up re-inventing you!

8) What is your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?  Cashflow and investments. Always trying to make sure you re-invest the money you have earned wisely, and not wasting it on frivolous madness!

9) What advice would you give someone starting a business, or oganisation of their own?  Have a clear idea of where you want to be in five years, and keep that goal in your mind at all times. One of the things that motivates to make sure this restaurant becomes one of London’s finest sustainable food outlets, is that in 5 years time, I want to have 4 more of them!