Resilience Programme

The COVID-19 virus is impacting public health, society and economy globally. Considering it’s currently being classed as a ‘moderate to high’ threat in the UK, we have adopted immediate measures to ensure that we still deliver high-quality business support programmes for social entrepreneurs while being considerate to populations at risk.

This kind of support is vital to help the sector survive, pivot and thrive during the outbreak and in its aftermath. How can we turn this challenging time into an opportunity for the sector, promoting its strengths, building resilient, sustainable organisations that serve our society for the long term?


At unusual times like these, we reaffirm the importance of having:

  • Strong communities that can act as support systems and preserve the entrepreneurs’ wellbeing


  • Experienced mentoring and coaching to help entrepreneurs cope with uncertainty, help them plan better and mitigate risks


  • Group learning opportunities, to keep our minds innovating and adapting to unexplored scenarios.

New Programme to Support Entrepreneurs

We have been working hard to support our 380+ members through these challenging times, engaging them through our Community App, global network and business support programmes. We are seeing positive results already and we now want to do more to support the social enterprise sector!


That is why we are currently running a 3 month structured programme to help social entrepreneurs to build resilient responses to the current crisis.


Applications have now closed for the Resilience Programme.


Who we’re supporting

This programme is supporting:

  • Registered social enterprises, mission-driven businesses or sole traders, purpose-driven freelancers, or charities that have or could have a commercial offer
  • Those who have signed up for a FREE Community App membership here
  • Those operating for a at least one year
  • Availability to commit to weekly mentoring sessions and workshops
  • No minimum financial status or team size is required.

The Programme Includes:

The Impact Hub King’s Cross team and experienced mentors will support the entrepreneurs in having a comprehensive overview of their business challenges and coming up with a development plan to tackle those. Subject to adaptation. 

We will offer workshops tailored to social businesses and focus on the key challenges and opportunities in this COVID-19 scenario. Topics will include both short term crisis management and long-term planning and business business, with among others:

  • Cashflow management
  • Ensuring your wellbeing while working from home
  • HR management and making the most of government support
  • Supply chain and procurement processes and negotiation
  • Innovative sales strategies
  • Online positioning and marketing
  • Shared experiences from real entrepreneurs who survived a crisis or downturn.

Each entrepreneur will be matched to an experienced mentor from their industry that will guide them in developing resilience and pivoting their business to thrive in this new context. Subject to adaptation. 

Participants will get unrestricted access to the Impact Hub global community through our “Connect” membership. That includes additional online events, clinics, networking sessions and profiling.

The programme participants will form a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs facing similar challenges. Informal peer learning and exchange sessions will be facilitated to encourage innovative solutions to be shared and to create a support system for entrepreneurs in stressful situations.

You are not alone, join our community as a Connect Member


Join as a Connect member to register your business with us at a cost, gain priority access to events and free access to basic business consultancy from our team and our network of experts.

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