Say yes to local with The Food Assembly
5 November 2015 - Food Assembly

“Shake the hand that feeds you.”

Wise words from food writer Michael Pollan and the same quote is the very reason why The Food Assembly recently launched in the UK – a initiative that brings communities together to buy direct from their local farmers and foodmakers.

Each week people all over London can order from their local Food Assembly and then pick it up a pop-up market – where you get to meet the food producer who made that very product, and also get to meet others in your neighbours.


Community is at the heart of The Food Assembly – they connect neighbours to farmers, neighbours to each other, and everyone to their food.

Meeting and knowing your farmers and foodmakers is always an invaluable experience – and The Food Assembly makes it easy for you to support local producers so that more of your money reaches the right people.

As a new disruptive model in the food industry, The Food Assembly is very collaborative – every food producer gets over 83% for what they sell, in comparison to between 20-40% with the average supermarket. All the food is sourced from an average of 26 miles, which means that for every £1 spent, 90p stays in the local economy.


For their efforts this year, The Food Assembly won Best British Food Initiative at the BBC Food and Farming Awards, for “making a positive difference to how and what Britain eats, and is showing the industry the way forward.”

While the farmers receive a fair wage, everyone shares high quality, locally-grown food, from organic vegetables and fruits to cheeses and meat.

By choosing local food, you are supporting producers who keep their farms at a humane-scale, breeders who raise their livestock with care, and farmers who practise their harvesting by respecting the soil, countryside and biodiversity.

Bringing power back to producers and consumers, The Food Assembly vision is a world with shorter supply chains where people connect to their food in a better way. So, what are you waiting for?

Three ways you can get involved:

  1. If you’re a member of the Impact Hub, join in The Food Assembly lunch where we’ll showcase the best of British food on Thursday 12th November.
  2. For Impact Hub non-members, head on right over to The Food Assembly to discover your local farmers and foodmakers.
  3. Want to join our movement? Start your own Food Assembly! Just click here to bring food to your community.