PaletArt are Colombian Artisanal Ice Creams and Desserts

We work with natural and fresh ingredients, at their best flavour and nutrients! You won’t find the same combination, texture and flavour anywhere else. We are innovative, we create proposals with fruits and ingredients that provide memorable experiences. We are strong believers that all food products must provide nutritional value. We work to reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is to make our products eco-friendly which is why we have made sure our ice cream packaging is made from corn starch, making it 100% compostable and biodegradable.

New Roots Alumni

I’m Zey, the founder and CEO of Displaced; we create workshops and games around ethnic identity. I’m also the daughter of parents who fled war and discrimination in their home countries. My background is Kurdish Cypriot German; growing up, I struggled with my ethnic identity and mental health. After my self-reflection, speaking to academics and my peers, I learned that there is a deep connection between being from a minoritised community and poor mental health. This combination of insights gave birth to Displaced.

At Displaced we gamify exploring ethnic identity to improve mental well-being for people from 1st and 2nd generation migrant/refugee/asylum-seeker backgrounds. Through workshops and a card game, we explore complex topics in a fun, engaging and provocative way.

New Roots Alumni

I started Teqie because everyone deserves to be empowered by technology, live healthier lives, and enhance our environment. As a built environment professional, and a social resident, I have been particularly focused on social housing quality and resident engagement.

Our services are offered to asset owners and operators, and ideally help to ensure the occupants, end users, tenants, residents and other stakeholders. Are able to comply with quality and safety standards, meet and comply with net zero, and ESG benchmarking. Most importantly, we’re giving the digital tools and infrastructure to the people who need it most.

New Roots Alumni

Peyman Heydarian is a musician and computer scientist. He composes, performs and teaches music in a multicultural platform, while applying AI to music, and financial data analysis.

New Roots Alumni

Marcia Michael is a UK-based multidisciplinary artist that works on creating a discursive art practice around the auspices of the black family archive.

Marogmi by Marcia Michael is free flowing colourful artistic encounter in luxury sustainable home linens that is inspired by Michael’s African-Caribbean heritage. The brand aims to bring a fresh, colourful and creative take on the world of luxury home linens.

New Roots Alumni

Anneka Russell is both the Founder of Enjoy EY (an early years consultancy service) and inventor of the JEKA toy and furniture range which provides schools and nurseries with both Wooden handmade and manufactured learning resources.

Jeka Play is the early years’ sector-only furniture provider to combine its furniture collection with business support to enable early years entrepreneurs to start their own early years’ businesses. Whether that be a pop-up creche or a traditional pack-away nursery.

Kelly Cooke-Mwangeka is a London-born Graphic Designer of Caribbean heritage, with over 13 years of experience within the creative industry. She is also the Founder & Creative Director of Antealles, an upcoming Caribbean Afternoon Tea Parlour. She is passionate about her profession and enjoys getting stuck into new & exciting design projects.

Antealles is an upcoming Caribbean Afternoon Tea Parlour that specialises in promoting authentic cuisine from all Caribbean Islands in a traditional British setting. Antealles aims to educate guests about the breadth of cuisine in the Caribbean and to give representation to each Island. Our aim is to expand the Caribbean narrative to give a more complete view of all Islands that encompass this well-loved paradise. Our business celebrates the unique fusion of cultures and cuisines within the Caribbean & welcomes all to learn more & enjoy a taste of the Islands with us.

I have been working in the charity and community organizations sector for five years and am currently working with Rafiki Wema as the project manager. I am currently engaged with minority communities with African heritage. From many years long experience, my work with various communities in the UK developed my understanding of what would work for them and what would not. I genuinely believe that investing in community networks and support systems have always had the highest impact, by helping them withstand crises and emergencies and develop resilience. at Rafiki Wema, I am currently leading digital inclusions, community media projects and mental health programs. Our aim is to empower disadvantaged communities with skills, information and mechanisms that enable them to thrive and flourish.

Rafiki Wema means ‘good friends’ in Swahili. We provide health and wellbeing services through a culturally tailored and focused approach targeting our communities. Rafiki Wema launched a series of Community media programmes and services to increase media literacy and amplification of authentic community voices.

PlantMates is an online marketplace for eco-conscious people who want to buy, sell or give away pre-loved plants.

As a passionate baker, I have found solace in the kitchen for many years. After realising my previous job wasn’t fulfilling, I decided to pursue a degree with a focus on Childhood and Youth Studies and followed my passions for a while. This lead me to work as a chef and eventually a sourdough baker. I even ran food and growing workshops across four London schools. Fast forward seven years, and I am working as a child and family support practitioner in a London primary school, where I help children improve their emotional regulation and social skills with a focus on food education. Throughout my journey, bread has been my constant companion, and I am now an Ambassador for the Real Bread Campaign. I firmly believe that baking bread can have therapeutic benefits, create communal experiences, and bring people together regardless of their backgrounds or financial situations.

To share my passion for baking and its benefits, I founded The Flour Union. I design and run bespoke baking workshops, embedded with reflective practices to improve mental health and well-being, that are tailored to support all children and parents. My workshops emphasise understanding where and how our food and ingredients are sourced and produced. I believe this knowledge is key in helping children develop an appreciation for food and the processes involved in making it. Most importantly, my workshops are accessible to all, by leveraging those who can afford to pay against those who cannot. My goal is to make baking and its benefits available to everyone.