Belinda Ng

Belinda is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of ConsciousEats. With a strong background in environmental resource management, she currently works full-time as a corporate sustainability consultant. Belinda holds a BA in Geography from The University of Cambridge, and an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London. Passionate about food sustainability and a big foodie herself, Belinda strives to create Edtech solutions that engage the community in a collective effort to create a more sustainable food system.   About ConsciousEats ConsciousEats is a mobile app on a mission to build a climate-conscious community of consumers in the city by directly connecting them to sustainable eateries and promoting sustainable dining choices. Consumers can filter listed restaurants creating environmental and social impact. They can then earn points for their conscious choices, which can be used to redeem various rewards and discounts. Restaurants listed on ConsciousEats undergo an audit based on our bespoke food sustainability framework."