Daniel Brennan
Founder of Insert Self Here [ISH]

I'm an entrepreneur, knitwear designer, educator and creative enthusiast with experience in business strategy, fashion, advertising and digital content creation. I have two design-based businesses that explore social action and issues, with focuses on sustainability and LGBTQ+ representation that underpin my brand ethos and personal outlook on life. Did you know that globally, 66% of Gen-Z and 46% of Millennials shop outside their assigned gender? With this in mind, Insert Self Here [ISH] was created to cater to a growing community of open-minded people. With a focus on the LGBTQ+ community, [ISH] produces a range of quirky, creative sustainable knitwear to combat the lack of gender expression within mainstream fashion. [ISH] champions inclusivity alongside sustainability, with community development, representation, and sustainable practices through four pillars: sustainable design, manufacturing, marketing and retailing. Brand and policy co-creation, customers featured in advertising campaigns and our district multifunctional packaging set us apart. We’re also eager to reinvest back into the industry and local communities with internships, scholarships, partnerships with charities on local, national and eventually global initiatives on representation and sustainability. So, welcome to [ISH], where we combine creative design with sustainability and gender expression, and where we’re anything but ‘beigeic’. I'm also a lecturer at the University of West London across a number of creative courses. My passion lies in design and creative experimentation, aiming to expand my own insights and share knowledge and experience with others to help them on their own creative and entrepreneurial journeys. I've been a London resident for the last decade, initially moving from a small town in North East Lincolnshire to study a BA in Fashion & Textiles, but stayed after falling in love with the city, culture and creative expression. I've always been a creative individual, but since discovering knitwear my desire to experiment and produce garments really took off.