Deborah Worrell
Founder of One of a Kind

Our aim is to solve a social and environmental problem. Domestic Abuse has been on a steady increase and spiked during the lockdown. We want to help these women, who often experience unemployment, low self-esteem and depression and being overlooked. Providing them with a safe place and the opportunity to work, learn new skills, volunteer and connect with other women that understand and will not judge them is so valuable to help them rebuild their self-worth and confidence. I believe we can do this whilst also protecting our global ecosystems that will support the health and wellbeing of our communities. Sustainability is all of our responsibility to conserve our resources now and in the future. Our solution is to provide a mobile community space and meet with the women weekly within their local community. The women will have the ability to purchase low-cost clothing, shoes, bags and accessories that would otherwise go to landfill. They can learn how to repair, reuse and upcycle clothing, gain employment and the opportunity to volunteer. They will also have access to domestic abuse advice and support, discounts and freebies.