Omar Mohammed
Rafiki Wema

I have been working in the charity and community organizations sector for five years and am currently working with Rafiki Wema as the project manager. I am currently engaged with minority communities with African heritage. From many years long experience, my work with various communities in the UK developed my understanding of what would work for them and what would not. I genuinely believe that investing in community networks and support systems have always had the highest impact, by helping them withstand crises and emergencies and develop resilience. at Rafiki Wema, I am currently leading digital inclusions, community media projects and mental health programs. Our aim is to empower disadvantaged communities with skills, information and mechanisms that enable them to thrive and flourish. Rafiki Wema means ‘good friends’ in Swahili. We provide health and wellbeing services through a culturally tailored and focused approach targeting our communities. Rafiki Wema launched a series of Community media programmes and services to increase media literacy and amplification of authentic community voices.