James Hsia
Founder of Simplify

My business idea is a decluttering service for Londoners that encourages sustainable decluttering in line with circular economy principles. From my market research, there seems to be an increasing desire for this kind of service (e.g. recycle, upcycle, repair, donate), but it tends to add further complexity to a process that is already difficult, stressful and time-consuming for many people. For this reason, many people will not attempt to declutter in a sustainable way, and this may also prevent them from decluttering at all. The solution will provide a clear structure for a sustainable decluttering process, will connect users to local businesses who can assist, and provide financial incentives to users. There are two potential arms to the business - digital (e.g. an app) or physical (e.g. a consultancy or bin and collection service), and more research/trialing is needed to determine which direction the business will take.