Kelly Cooke-Mwangeka

Kelly Cooke-Mwangeka is a London-born Graphic Designer of Caribbean heritage, with over 13 years of experience within the creative industry. She is also the Founder & Creative Director of Antealles, an upcoming Caribbean Afternoon Tea Parlour. She is passionate about her profession and enjoys getting stuck into new & exciting design projects. Antealles is an upcoming Caribbean Afternoon Tea Parlour that specialises in promoting authentic cuisine from all Caribbean Islands in a traditional British setting. Antealles aims to educate guests about the breadth of cuisine in the Caribbean and to give representation to each Island. Our aim is to expand the Caribbean narrative to give a more complete view of all Islands that encompass this well-loved paradise. Our business celebrates the unique fusion of cultures and cuisines within the Caribbean & welcomes all to learn more & enjoy a taste of the Islands with us.