Marcia Harris
The Flour Union

As a passionate baker, I have found solace in the kitchen for many years. After realising my previous job wasn't fulfilling, I decided to pursue a degree with a focus on Childhood and Youth Studies and followed my passions for a while. This lead me to work as a chef and eventually a sourdough baker. I even ran food and growing workshops across four London schools. Fast forward seven years, and I am working as a child and family support practitioner in a London primary school, where I help children improve their emotional regulation and social skills with a focus on food education. Throughout my journey, bread has been my constant companion, and I am now an Ambassador for the Real Bread Campaign. I firmly believe that baking bread can have therapeutic benefits, create communal experiences, and bring people together regardless of their backgrounds or financial situations. To share my passion for baking and its benefits, I founded The Flour Union. I design and run bespoke baking workshops, embedded with reflective practices to improve mental health and well-being, that are tailored to support all children and parents. My workshops emphasise understanding where and how our food and ingredients are sourced and produced. I believe this knowledge is key in helping children develop an appreciation for food and the processes involved in making it. Most importantly, my workshops are accessible to all, by leveraging those who can afford to pay against those who cannot. My goal is to make baking and its benefits available to everyone.