Naomi Bid
Founder of Worn-In Glory

I want to make some meaningful change towards helping to heal our planet, and by doing so I also strive to become a good role model for my 1-year-old daughter. Fast fashion is a major problem for the environment and is the second most polluting industry after oil. The second-hand clothing market is growing which is great news, though people in London do not currently have many options to recycle clothes that are too old, worn or undesirable to sell second-hand, so these clothes end up going into landfill in huge volumes. Also, a large proportion of trashed clothes get sent to Ghana where they are mixed in with clothes that are purchased by local tradespeople. The impact of this is that landfills get overfilled and so the clothes there are then incinerated which release harmful gases and toxins into the atmosphere, and the tradespeople end up spending their money on clothes that are rubbish and of no value to them, which puts them out of pocket. Our solution is to collect these trash clothes that would otherwise get discarded, sort them and cut out the good parts and make them into new smart casual wear to sell and be worn again, saving clothing from landfill.