Shana Tufail
Founder of Model My City

I live and work in Camden and studying locally with a new form of MBA, (a collaboration between a world-leading art school, Central Saint Martins in Kings Cross and business school, Birkbeck in Bloomsbury) with the aim of building new forms of business models that are fit for the future (think degrowth, resource efficiency, regenerative and circular economies fuelled by untapped talent such as neurodivergence). As the sustainability revolution gathers pace post-COVID and as living costs significantly increase, more and more people recognise the need and opportunity to be more resourceful, efficient and sustainable in their daily lives. Many Camden residents want to be more sustainable in all they do but often don't know how or feel confused by the jargon and myths. Meanwhile, there are many organisations locally doing great things with sustainability but this usually stays in-house. My solution is to bring the local council, local businesses and local residents together to create a one-stop shop (virtual platform and pop-up events across the borough) to connect and create a movement (educate/inform/inspire/communicate in creative ways) for more sustainable actions in all that we do at home, at work and as business leaders and develop this movement to localise the SDGs and sustainable behaviours as a pilot for other boroughs and cities to model.