Susanna Mensah
Founder of Semsah

I have been working in the fashion industry for over 13 years. The experience has shown me that behind every garment is a story, a person that brings to life ideas and those that make it a reality. However, according to an OR Foundation report from 2022, some 15 million used garments get shipped each week from places such as the UK, USA and Canada to countries like Ghana. Unsold clothing from charities gets picked up from rag collectors and ends up in landfills. As a solution, we created a learning platform to demystify the garment-making process. We will train and support aspiring makers through apprenticeship schemes with our partner alteration/tailoring shops. Customers will be able to book their items to be repaired/made, learn self DIY and appreciate craftmanship again through their maker. We are creating a community full of makers to be united in the mission to prevent clothing from going into landfills.