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Boosting Life Sciences Social Economy Programme

Incubation and Mentoring Programme Application 2023

Join us for the Incubation and Mentoring Program if you have an innovative idea to address health challenges and inequities in Camden or Islington. 

We want to support you to start a business tackling health issues in your community. The programme runs throughout February-September 2024 and requires you to be able to dedicate time to developing your business. The programme is fully funded by our partners- so totally free for you. The 20 participants with the most promising start-ups ideas will be accepted onto the incubation stage.

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Who we're supporting

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about fostering healthier communities in London. We have identified key areas of interest based on community consultations, including but not limited to:

  •  Poverty & Deprivation:
    • Example: offering low-cost consultations, vaccinations, and basic health screenings for individuals facing financial constraints.
  • Long-term Health Problems & Life Expectancy Gap:
    • Example: Launching a community fitness and nutrition program, providing affordable exercise classes, cooking workshops, and health education sessions to address prevalent health issues.
  • Environment:
    • Example: Establishing a community garden that not only promotes environmental sustainability but also provides residents with easy access to fresh, nutritious, and locally grown products.
  • Food Security:
    • Example: Creating a neighbourhood food co-op where residents can pool resources to purchase groceries in bulk at discounted rates, ensuring affordable and nutritious food for all.
  • Children’s Health and Security:
    •  Example: Creating after-school programs focused on promoting physical activity, mental health, and a safe environment for children.
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What are we looking for when assessing the applications?

Regarding you:

The programme is searching for people looking to start their own business in Camden or Islington. Additionally, The Incubation and Mentoring programme will prioritise applications from members of minoritised ethnic communities and underrepresented groups.

Regarding your business idea:

Ideally, we are looking for individuals that have or are developing an idea for the health or well-being of their community; helping increase awareness, reduce inequalities and improve health. Please try to provide as much detail as possible while being concise and keeping to the word limits mentioned for each section.

The Programme

What to expect from the programme

As an early-stage entrepreneur, you and your cohort will receive bespoke 1-1 support, and expert-led workshops, strengthen your network in the health and life sciences space to build your business idea and understand the impact you’re making in your community!

  • Online Learning Modules
  • 1:1 Support
  • Expert-led Workshops
  • Networking Building


Application period: Begins in December and will remain open on a rolling basis. The application process will conclude once we reach our desired number, so don’t hesitate to submit your application soon!

Programme Timeline: February 2024- September 2024

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