Welcome to ‘Inside Impact’
18 April 2017 - Louis Howell

Considering we are just a year off of celebrating our 10th birthday, we felt it was time to give an even bigger platform to the members that make our Hub great.

In the last 10 years, we’ve done a lot to provide support and facilitate the growth of entrepreneurs, social enterprises and transformational businesses that make up this amazing community at our King’s Cross Impact Hub. From expert workshops and master-classes to 1-1 support clinics to collaborative programs we’ve worked with our members to ensure they get the most out of their membership.

This is great, but what about people outside of our community? How are you able to learn from the dynamic and inspiring thought-leaders that we are able to work with every day?

Introducing … Inside Impact. This new series of articles will see our members share their thoughts, strategies, ideas and perspectives on a range of topics. So whether you are into the world of CSR, Social Entrepreneurship, Politics, Food and Nutrition, Economic Transformation, Poverty – you name it, there will be articles that perfectly suit your interests.

But what makes these articles any different, or any better than everything else that is out there?

When you combine expert knowledge, with incredible experience and (almost) prophetic perspectives; then deliver this combination in the form of articles that are built on clarity, relevance, practicality and transparency, you can ONLY end up with the best. And rest assured these aren’t the type of article that skim the surface and then look to sell you the rest, this is about ensuring that our readers are given everything they need to help us all to change our world for the better.

Our plan is to release the newest article in the series every Monday. So whether it be on your morning commute, at your desk between tasks, or over lunch, be sure to look out for the latest release and let’s ensure we develop our thinking, and our actions, to make more Impact!