Why Impact Hub King’s Cross is dedicated to becoming a certified BCorp
18 May 2017 - Lauren Turner

Impact Hub King’s Cross is dedicated to becoming a certified BCorp. As part of this journey, we will be taking part in Junxion’s half-day workshops happening here at the hub every fortnight.

Our motivation? We were looking for something that is a clear message to potential stakeholders that we are a bonafide good business – we’re not just saying that we are. 

Of course, there are other ways of sharing this message with the world, but they can be superficial.

The BCorp certification is not. Becoming a certified BCorp is a challenge, and to gain the certification you need to get a lot of things right for a lot of different stakeholders. The comprehensive nature of completing the BCorp certification means that it also has the additional benefit of serving as an extra prompt to do the tasks that get swept to the side when emergencies and everyday tasks pop up.

It’s about getting the basics right. The BCorp certification is a great 360-degree tool that will enable us to see what we’re doing well and where we could improve at a really practical level.

The practical benefits:

– By taking part in this series of workshops, you will be saving money (support like this would usually cost up to £10,000 but by taking part in these workshops Hub members will only pay £800 + VAT).

– You will gain the additional benefit of having peer support as you undertake the certification itself, getting the opportunity to share notes, learn from others and ultimately benefiting from the advantage of becoming part of the BCorp network.

– You will make yourself more appealing to investors who can see the impact you have and where their money could make a difference.

– It will help you see what you’re missing in terms of policy or process’ and will help push you towards completing these documents.

Ready to become a certified good business?

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Want to find out more? Email B Leader Adam for more details.

We’ve also written our very own summary of the course here and an FAQ here if you’d like some more information.