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Coaching, Creativity and Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs (4 months)

Jun 3rd
18:00 - 20:00

Andy Paice of  Natural Insight Coaching will be running a short course spanning 4 months on Coaching, Creativity and Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs.

Each class will be interactive with engaging and thought provoking group and pair exercises.

  • 1st Class – Mindfulness for Creative Thinking (with Paul Bailey – Brand Consultant of 1977 Design)

    Creativity is a human faculty that’s needed in every domain of life as it births new solutions and elegant outcomes. Yet in our hectic modern lives with its constant pressures to deliver, finding the mental space and capacity to generate new ideas can be extremely challenging.

    This workshop will address this issue by looking at simple ways in which we might be able to aid creative thinking using Mindfulness techniques.

  • 2nd  – Creative Problem Solving for Individuals and Groups (90 mins)This class will introduce the method of Dynamic Facilitation which is a social innovation that enables organic, efficient and robust collective thinking and which can also be used as a tool for personal problem solving. It is simple yet it handles complex issues and wicked problems by enabling new, previously unconsidered solutions to emerge.
  • 3rd – Coaching – How to create a vision and overcome limitationsThis will be a chance to learn some basic principles of coaching and common coaching methods. We’ll explore techniques that help to focus on goals and remove limiting beliefs.
  • 4th – The Tao of Democracy at WorkThis final class will investigate ‘Inner and Outer Democracy.’ It will look back at the principles covered in the previous classes and suggest how we can build co-creative enterprises, robust communities and even flourishing democracies through harnessing the power of all the voices or stakeholders in a system. It will also highlight how the same principles can be used for personal growth and fulfillment.

Places are strictly limited. Classes will take place on:

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