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Thinking, Being & Doing: Understanding Communication

Sep 23rd
18:00 - 19:30

This workshop forms part of a series of 3 short, interactive sessions that aim to improve your self-knowledge and develop awareness of how you and others communicate. It aims to provide you with some simple ideas to further your development as a business leader, whether you are established or starting out on your entrepreneurial journey. The workshops can be followed together or each as a stand-alone.


Understanding Communication

The role of entrepreneur is inherently social. But how much do you know about the way that you and others communicate? The majority of communication happens outside of our immediate awareness and so improving your ability to ‘read’ different aspects of people’s communication is a essential for success as an entrepreneur.

Examining verbal and non-verbal forms of communication this interactive workshop aims to develop your self-knowledge, knowledge of others and an understanding of how, as an entrepreneur, you are your own best instrument of change.


By the end of the session you should be able to:
  • Distinguish between forms of (verbal and non-verbal) communication
  • Identify elements of your own communication style (strengths and areas for improvement)
  • Describe the influence of context on communication (e.g. face-to-face or virtual)



The full series:


About the organiser:

The facilitator, Liam Moore, is a learning & development consultant who helps individuals and organisations in the creative and not for profit sectors to manage change and to tackle a range of personal and professional development challenges. http://liammoore.net

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