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Thinking, Being & Doing: Understanding Leadership Through Reflective Practice

Sep 30th
18:00 - 19:30

This workshop forms part of a series of 3 short, interactive sessions that aim to improve your self-knowledge and develop awareness of how you and others communicate. It aims to provide you with some simple ideas to further your development as a business leader, whether you are established or starting out on your entrepreneurial journey. The workshops can be followed together or each as a stand-alone.


Understanding Leadership Through Reflective Practice

Working alone, or at the top of a business can make it difficult to make sense of and progress your ideas. And for an entrepreneur, developing self-knowledge and an understanding of how people communicate is fundamental to managing our interactions. So being able to reflect effectively on your experiences and interactions can make a real difference to your business success.

Using a combination of individual and paired exercises, this interactive workshop will introduce you to the concept of reflective practice.

It will show how you can use yourself and others (a coach, mentor, colleague) more effectively as a sounding board in order to help you to tell a more coherent story about yourself and your business, and articulate your ideas, concerns and knowledge more clearly.


During the session you will:
  • Complete a reflective exercise on your experience of a paired activity using the framework provided (to identify strengths and considerations for improvement)
  • Prepare (and support another person’s preparation) for an anticipated event using the framework provided



The full series:
About the organiser:

The facilitator, Liam Moore, is a learning & development consultant who helps individuals and organisations in the creative and not for profit sectors to manage change and to tackle a range of personal and professional development challenges. http://liammoore.net

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